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Fantastic Flowers

Flowers truly are the pride and joy of the Netherlands. The most famous of them all, the Tulip, has become an iconic national symbol.

In fact, the Netherlands even has a national Tulip day to celebrate this floral favourite. Come the third Saturday of every January, dedicated tulip growers join forces to cover the entire Dam square with their harvest, creating an arresting spectacle to officially open the cut flower season.

But what happens to all the flowers after, we hear you ask? Well, that’s the best bit. Visitors are invited to create their own bouquets, free of charge!

With Spring beckoning from around the corner, this really is the best time to visit and enjoy blossoming flower fields, blooming city parks and hidden garden gems. Savour a gourmet picnic in the lively Vondelpark. Attend a masterclass run by professional florists who will show you how to bring your blooms to life, or learn how to create floral sugar sensations to adorn your baking creations.

Here at Fine Fleur, we can organise field trips to special private gardens far from the usual tourist trails for the true garden connoisseurs! And that’s just for starters.

FInE Fleur’s favorites

Elegance of the flower

The tulip is a true star of spring

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