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Here at Fine Fleur Amsterdam, we are all about matchmaking: we bring you together with the experience that suits you, and this also goes for

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In the footsteps of…

Throughout his life the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh experienced periods of hardship and poverty, calling many different places across Europe home. Yet no

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Be our Valentine

Although we would hope that love is celebrated all year round, we do believe that it can never harm to give it some special attention

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Embracing Traditions

Poffertjes and Pancakes Have you heard of ‘poffertjes’, the little fluffy mini pancakes? They can be found at market food stalls or in Dutch homes

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September secret

Early Spring brings visitors from far and wide to see Amsterdam’s iconic flower fields but come September, the Veluwe is where the action’s at –

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Take pride in us

Cheeky afternoons At Fine Fleur we’re proud of the open, diverse and tolerant culture that Amsterdam’s famed for, a culture that is brought to life

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Sail into Summer

What better way to see the Netherlands from a different view than aboard a private historical yacht. Escape the crowds, kick back and set your

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Medieval Manhattan

A twenty minute train journey from Bruges and we’re in Ghent. ‘The historical heart of Flanders’, ‘Medieval Manhattan’ or ‘Europe’s best kept secret’ – just

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Enchanting Bruges

Just a few weeks before the Netherlands and Belgium went into lockdown, we visited our Belgian neighbours to do some ‘city scouting’ and uncover Fine

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Keep it local

Amsterdam is a city of great contrast, rich cultural history and diversity, which is why I love living here. There are so many things I

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Beyond city borders

My perfect spring day would take me beyond the city borders… a short trip and within less than 30 minutes I’ve reached my destination –

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Girls day out

Who runs the world? Girls, that’s who! Treat yourself to a fun-filled day exploring Amsterdam with some of our favorites: from the latest Insta-worthy pop

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