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A virtual flower field visit

A virtual flower field visit: If you can’t come and see the flowers, we’ll bring the flowers to you…

With love from the blossoming Netherlands to your home! #sharinglocalknowledge #inthistogether #finefleuramsterdam

We hope you enjoyed this short video. As we’re sure you can tell, flower season is in full bloom! And when it comes to flowers, the Dutch know a thing or two. Fun fact: the Netherlands currently produce around three billion tulip bulbs every year and is responsible for more than half of the world’s flower exports . The iconic tulip was introduced to the Netherlands during the mid-16th century. By the early 17th century, tulip production had emerged as a highly profitable commercial sector and the price of Dutch bulbs skyrocketed accordingly.

It’s hard to believe, but at the peak of this phenomenon a single tulip bulb would go for $5,700! This boom eventually led to an economic crisis in 1636 (back then people were struggling, too!), known as Tulip Mania, where the value of tulip bulbs suddenly collapsed, consequently bankrupting countless investors, cultivators and traders. For Hollywood’s take on the crisis, we’d recommend you watch historical romantic drama ‘Tulip Fever’ (2017) featuring Alicia Vikander, Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz. The plot follows an Amsterdam-based 17th-century painter who falls in love with a married woman whose portrait he has been commissioned to paint… juicy drama guaranteed!

Back to the present: This spring, we had planned private cycling tour experiences around the flower fields (with a few surprises along the way) for our lovely clients. And although that’s not going to be possible right now, there will be a second chance to show you the Netherlands most spectacular florals come late August/September as beautiful Dahlias in every shade of orange, red and pink imaginable begin to blossom.We can organise visits to family-owned flower farms accompanied by a good story (and cake, always cake!) from the owners. Whether that’s on a stylish bike, in your own luxury car or perhaps a bird’s eye view from above on a helicopter ride? It’s all possible and team Fine Fleur is ready to make it happen. We can’t wait.


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