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A stylish picnic in the park

With July 4th celebrations looming (at least that’s our excuse) why not swap the familiar sight of your own four walls for the sanctuary of the great outdoors with a charming, al fresco summer picnic. We’ve given the humble picnic the signature Fine Fleur treatment for the ultimate in sumptuous outdoor dining…

After many test runs and tastings (the pleasure really was all ours) the results are in and we’re happy to say we’ve crafted a picnic experience we’re proud to put our name to. So allow us to us set the scene… picture a sunny, late Amsterdam afternoon, a light breeze whispering through the meadow as the scent of summer lingers in the air. You sink into gorgeously comfy cushions layered atop bohemian-style plaids, gazing on as boats cruise by on the canal. A large, stylish ‘grazing table’ groans with delicious goodies: sumptuous summer rolls, juicy Dutch shrimps, delicate finger sandwiches, vibrant salads, mini cakes and fruit tartelettes, alongside a resplendent cheese board boasting French and Dutch delicacies, nuts and fresh fruit.



Beautifully-scented bouquets of peonies and hortensias nestle amongst the elegant table settings making for a dreamily sophisticated summer setup. As dusk approaches (because you can never have too much of a good thing) candles are lit and the wine cooler produces a never-ending selection of beautiful rosé and crisp white wines. For those hoping to return victorious from the fun park games we’ve organized, a refreshing tipple of homemade lemonade with fresh mint might provide the winning edge.

The best thing is that you don’t have to lift a finger, we take care of everything from set up to clear up. Your job is to simply turn up, eat, drink and relax to your heart’s content, then smile for the photo our local host will take as a memory of this pinch-yourself picnic experience. Once finished, they’ll then hop on board their ‘bakfiets’—a cargo bike usually favored by city moms for ferrying kids about—which, for the day, is reserved for our baby: your fully catered and styled Fine Fleur signature picnic.

Actually scratch that, there is one thing you could do… could someone put in a good word with the weather gods? Thank you or Dank je wel as they say here in the Netherlands.

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